Who We Are?

Bordrill is a leading, independent and private contract drilling and well services company, which provides contract drilling, well services and strategic support services to oil, gas and geothermal exploration and production companies by its growing presence in Turkey and in international markets.

Bordrill provides high quality services with high added values to its clients through completely new and modern drilling & workover rig fleet, equipment and living camps. Bordrill’s experienced, skilled and reliable crews provide value to the customers on a daily basis with their high standards on labor safety and environmental sensitivity. Bordrill, one of the companies of Mapek Group, which is one of the largest drilling rigs and equipment supplier in Turkey, provides smooth and continuous drilling services with strong purchase & supply chain and equipment & spare part stocks to meet all requirements of customers. Bordrill provides service in the form of daily rate and turnkey bases to the clients on a wide spectrum, which will meet any kind of drilling service needs from road and location construction to drilling, cementing and well completion services and from camp operation to the waste fluid management and removal.


IADC Bordrill, which is a member of IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors), has adopted the principle of compliance with all international standards and has been strictly following those standards.